The ePRO 1000 by JLanka Technologies is the ultimate Electricity Monitoring System, enabling users to monitor and control their usage to conserve and save.

Things you can do with

Stay Ahead

Accurately monitor electricity consumption across different outputs.

Stay in Control

Set energy targets and receive SMS or email updates on consumption.

Stay Green

Identify output points and times to eliminate electricity wastage.

Stay Mobile

Access consumption data from wherever you are, to optimise

The ePRO 1000 Smart Electricity Metering System helps you stay ahead in an environment of increasing tariffs and supply inconsistency. It's technology is advanced, but it's web monitoring interface is designed to simplify and organise the data you need to make informed decisions in relation to your power consumption. While relaying daily information, its 5000-day data memory capacity enables you to better analyse your consumption in the long-run.



Segment your consumption zones and track individual devices
Measure up to 37 parameters with single device
Easy online monitoring and consumption comparisons
Set output targets to better optimise usage of equipment
Access data from multiple sites through user-friendly web portal
Enables better energy auditing, accounting and management
Provides a 3-tier tariff and peak demand monitoring, together with controlling tips

Utility Providers

Empower users with ability to optimise usage
Reduce capital expenses on infrastructure expansion
Effectively manage electricity loads and avoid outages
Enables better energy auditing, accounting and management
Provides demand forecasting and load trend analysis


Forecast your upcoming electricity bills
Monitor consumption by the minute to identify savings opportunities
Set output targets to better optimise usage of appliances
Receive consumption updates via SMS, email or access through online portal

Sri Lanka

Micro-level: Consumers more empowered with data enabling better domestic control.
Macro-level: Industries optimised and reduced rate of electrical outages island-wide

What Can Do

  • Detecting and notifying tamper alerts
  • Communications with other intelligent devices in the home
  • Allowing load limiting/shedding for demand response purposes
  • Receiving service messages (Eg. Power cut notifications)
  • Real-time registration of electricity import and export
  • Enabling remote accessibility to consumption data according to tier tariff
  • Allowing identification of best operating hours of devices response to tariff system
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Energy management, auditing, accounting
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